The A in ATC

The “A” in ATC is for April
Actually, we get asked what the initials in ATC actually stand for, which is kind of a long story, and one best left to mystery (though the race directors are always glad to explain if you catch us at a distracted moment).Nevertheless, let’s just agree that the “A” in ATC Endurance means “April,” because that’s when we are far into the planning and logistical stages of delivering the latest and greatest ATC Triathlon series experience.
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The Utica Comets are once again sponsoring our series, taking us from Glimmerglass State Park in Cooperstown, to Rome’s Lake Delta, and finally to everyone’s favorite Adirondack village, Old Forge!  So as the Comets are busy in their quest for the franchise’s first Calder Cup, an appropriate question for our athletes is:  what Ommegang will you be putting in your cup? That’s an important question we consider as we put the finishing touches on the fifth anniversary Cooperstown Triathlon, brought to in you part by our friends at Brewery Ommegang.

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